We own a wide-ranging information and visceral understanding of the tax, audit and accounting problematic. This coupled with our core values help us to offer high quality services. Therefore, we accept new clients from any sector of the economy. Except for banks and insurance companies.




About us

Audit and assurance services

FTM AUDIT offers primarly these auditing services (financial statement audit, assurance and related auditing services). Assurance services are the following: financial statement audit according to ISA (International Standards on Auditing), review ISRE (International Standards on Review Engagements - ISRE 2400, 2410) and other assurance services - ISAE (International Standards on Assurance Engagements ISAE 3000, 3400, 3402, 3410, 3420). Also, we offer other related services according to ISRS (International Standards on Related Services, ISRS 4000, 4410).

Statutory Audit

Financial statement audit or consolidated financial statement audit, so called financial audit. This audit is the statutory audit.

Assurance services other than audit and other related services

Audit, review or other assurance services of some double-entry accounting areas, taxes and other. These are done according to ISRE 2400, 2410, ISAE 3000, 3400, 3402, 3410, 3420 and ISRS 4000, 4410.

Double entry accounting control

The control of the double entry accounting and single entry accounting.

Tax Audit

We will review your corporate income tax and VAT.

Annual report audit

The audit of the annual report and consolidated financial statement and review of the accord of the annual report with the financial statements.

Consolidated financial statments

Preparation of documents, reports and tables for the preparation of consolidated financial statements of the mother company.

Tax and accounting advisory

We offer standard tax advisory and accounting advisory.

Tax consultancy and financial advice

We provide comprehensive tax solutions to tax and accounting problems. One of our tasks is to provide ongoing information about legislative changes in tax and accounting, tax advice related to mergers, divisions and winding-up of companies.

Tax optimalization

Optimization of tax obligations. We help our clients strategically manage tax planning, in accordance with legal framework. The result is an optimal tax burden for the company.


Simplification and streamlining of accounting processes. Our detailed knowledge of accounting processes allows us to provide knowledge transfer.

Preparation of the statement

Preparation of tax returns and written statements to the specified tax and accounting problems.

Tax registration

We provide advice and assistance in tax registration, comprehensive representation of clients before tax authorities

Tax inspectoin

Assistance with tax inspection and representation of clients before tax authorities. Since 1994, we have experienced a lot of tax inspection, and thus we have the expertise on how to make a tax inspection successful.


FTM AUDIT provides quality and professional accounting services since 1994. The company has advanced technology and thus supports connectivity through our server solutions.

Bookkeeping and payroll processing

Double-entry bookkeeping and single-entry bookeeping in the accounting software OMEGA. Payroll are part of a complex accounting. We do payroll as part of the accounting but also on an individual basis.

The preparation of financial statements and tax returns

Year-end works are sophisticated and complex accounting procedures associated with the preparation of tax returns and optimizing the tax burden. VAT record keeping is very important. In FTM AUDIT we have set up special control processes to prevent error when completing the VAT control statement and to prevent tax inspection.

Document registry keeping

There are many cases in the bookkeeping when a client needs expert advice and analysis. From the preparation of internal directive to the directives concerning the supply of materials for the calculation of management fees.

Execution of various financial reports from accounting documents

Preparation of tax returns and written statements to the specified tax and accounting problems.