Why choose us?

FTM AUDIT has been providing bookkeeping since 1994. During this time, all tax inspections have been successfull in all the companies we have led the bookkeeping. In addition to bookkeeping, we also provide audit and tax advisory. By being certified tax advisers and certified statutory auditors, we can thoroughly assess the accuracy of the accounting and also the tax impact on the firm. Our latest server solutions guarantee direct access to online bookkeeping.

About us

1. Accounting services

FTM AUDIT has been providing high-quality and professional accounting services since 1993. The company has advanced technology, and we therefore support direct connectivity to client-side accounting.


Double-entry bookkeeping and single-entry bookkeeping in OMEGA accounting software.

Classification of documents

Accounting includes sorting and ordering of received documents to reveal potential mistakes.

Control of accounting documents

Formal control of all company accounting documents to ensure that accounting documents meet all statutory requirements (preconditions, etc.)

Recording of accounting documents

Recording and proper accounting of all accounting cases in the accounting program, checking of accounting for the correct accounts, creation and entry into the analytical accounts in order to allow managerial accounting and accounting for the correct period.

Accounting log and main book

Keeping of the accounting log and general ledger.


Providing remote access to accountancy over the server and support for making different invoices, records, transfers, and more.

2. Year-end accounting works

Year-end works are sophisticated complex accounting works associated with the preparation of tax returns and optimization of the tax burden.


Reconciliation of balances of assets and liabilities and closing of general ledger accounts.

Inventory taking

Processing inventory of assets and liabilities, inventory preparation, company assets and liabilities, inventory difference recognition.

Closing of the accounting

Closing the accounting for the current accounting period.

Financial statements and tax returns

Preparation of a corporate income tax return, financial statements, cash flow and notes. Checking the accuracy and then reporting the reports to the appropriate places like the tax office and the register.

Review of the entire accounting

Final audit of the entire accounting. The audit focuses on completeness of accounting. Whether all the accounting cases are posted to the correct account, the correct period, and whether it is the case.

Tax assessment

Final check by tax advisor. This audit focuses on the tax aspect of accounting cases. It detects shortcomings and helps to optimize taxes. The client saves on taxes.

3. Evidence of VAT and taxes

Keeping VAT records is very important. We have special control processes set up in FTM AUDIT to avoid error when completing the VAT control statement and thus prevent any tax inspection.

VAT management

Checking of documents in respect of the right to deduct VAT. Long-term and strategic VAT planning. Assessing each VAT accounting case for full legal VAT optimization.

VAT Recapitulative and Control statement

Compilation of the recapitulative and control statement for VAT their inspection and submission. Communication with company management.

Production of VAT returns

Production and submission of VAT returns.

Annual tax settlement from dependent activity

Annual Tax Settlement of Dependent Activity and Compilation of Annual Reports.

4. Professional advisory

There are a number of cases in accounting where the client needs expert advice and analysis. From the development of internal directives to delivery of materials for the calculation of the directors' bonuses.

Advisory on economic issues

Consultation, assessment of the analysis of various problems in the economic field. For example, developing economic analyzes for the parent company.

Advisory on accounting issues

Preparation of various analyzes of records from the accounting area. For example, an accounting analysis or accounting statement for certain accounting cases.

Advisory on tax issues

Representing the client in negotiation with the tax office / as required, on the basis of client empowerment. Tax assessments.

5. Payroll

Payroll are a complex part of accounting. We manage and offer payroll as part of accounting but also on an individual basis.

Processing payroll

Calculation of wage claims, compulsory contributions to the social and health insurance company

Payroll management

Reporting and dismissing employees in connection with the exercise of dependent activity to the authorities.

Monthly reports

Preparation of monthly statements for insurance companies and their mission.


Compilation of confirmations related to payroll issues of company employees

Bank transfers

Execution of bank transfer orders related to the processed payroll agenda

Frequently asked questions

How much does bookkeeping cost?

Our price is based on the number of accounting items - 0.65 EUR / one item. (The item is one accounting entry). On average the price ranges from 250 EUR to 4000 EUR per month.

Why pay for quality?

In 2013, more than 50% of tax controls in Slovakia ended in finding of errors. In 2013, the average volume of findings for one tax inspection in Slovakia was more than EUR 44,000. Paying for quality bookkeeping will help prevent tax inspections and penalties.

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