Do you need advice in tax and accounting?

We provide tax advisory and accounting advisory services. Recently, clients are also interested in verifying the completeness of accounting documents, i.e., Whether they have all the papers, whether some of them are missing and whether they have the prescribed documents.

Tax advisory and accounting advisory

We provide comprehensive solutions to tax and accounting issues. Providing on-going information on legislative changes in tax and accounting, tax advice on mergers, divisions and liquidation of companies.

Tax Optimization

Optimization of tax obligations. We help our clients strategically manage tax planning, in accordance with the law. The result is an optimal tax burden for the company.

Accounting Optimization

Simplify or streamline accounting, accounting processes and manage the fastest and most effective accounting. We offer "knowledge transfer" of these processes.


Drawing up tax returns and written opinions on tax and accounting issues.

Tax Registration

We provide advice and assistance for tax registration, complex representation of the client before the tax office,

Tax inspection

Assistance with tax control, representation of the client before the tax office. Since 1993, we've been through a lot of tax inspections, and so we have the expertise to go through tax inspections.

One-time consultations

We provide one-off consultancy in the field of tax consultancy and accounting consultancy.

Long-term consultations

However, there may also be long-term cooperation in the field of tax consultancy and accounting advisory.

Online consultation

It is also possible to use our online advice via e-mail, skype in the field of tax advisory and accounting advice.

FAQ: Tax advisory

Why use tax adviser services?

Tax advice is a regulated profession and therefore the tax advisor has to pass the tax advisor's exam. The law requires the tax adviser to take part in tax training every year. Tax issues are more complex from one year to the next. The cost of tax advice is several times lower than the amount of tax savings.

Tax advisory fee

If you are interested in the offer, please contact us.

Consultancy fee